1. vakency said: Sorry this is random but kpoptown.com is a great place to buy the albums from and they have really reasonable prices!

    Thank you!

  2. 00:53 20th May 2011

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    Anonymous said: Hi! Im from europe and really want to buy B2st albums! But there are no good sites to buy from. Could you help me to find a good site so that I can buy their new album? :) I follow you and love this tumblr <333 ^^ Fighitng!

    Oh gosh, I have no idea where would be a good place to buy them, seeing as how I haven’t actually boughten any myself. You should go ask beastistheb2st though!

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    Beast&#8217;s new album is coming out soon!

    Beast’s new album is coming out soon!

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    Anonymous said: You posted this picture a while ago: http://fuckyeah-yoseob.tumblr.com/post/3500270997
    I'm just wondering if that's birthmarks on his cheeks? I've noticed those whenever he doesn't have any makeup on, like bb cream and whatever. Just wondering. It doesn't make me like him less; nothing will. ^^ Much love from Noreway. <3

    I’ve always assumed it was from acne because I’ve seen him bare faced before and he didn’t look like that, but I could be wrong.

    I guess only Yoseob really knows the answer to that lol

  6. Anonymous said: in your photos where b2st are together (21st April 2011) are they filming or something? it's been a while since i've seen them together. they never appear in variety shows together anymore :(

    I’m not exactly sure what they were filming, but it was in Thailand! Ah well they never really were together in variety shows before (unless you count Star King), they’re always split up. But do not worry! They will be coming back soon with a new album.

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  14. Anonymous said: he doesn't look 21 for someone who was born in 1990..are you sure it his age?

    It is his age. Don’t let looks fool you. There are plenty of people who don’t look their age.